Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Novel #3--untitled

After writing this excerpt today, I saw the visual for it (not really... just in my brain). I'll post a picture once the visual is created. Also, I sold two of my favorite pieces today: Courage flower and Heart flower. I will miss them, especially the Heart, but they went to a good home.


"Don't stop believing,

hold on to this feeling..."

--Journey... :-) You know you love it!

from novel #3

Aimee, Allyson, and Tootie

--our friends

The three of them started in the room’s center, using screwdrivers, and crowbars and scrap-metal found in the alleyway, ripping up the vomit-green carpeting that covered the once great hall. Aimee was the first to reveal the tile, glittery, black and green, the Italian silver grout preserved unknowingly after so many years underfoot of prostitutes and vagrants. Aimee, Allyson, and Tootie yanked with their bare hands at the old carpeting, exposing more and more of the sublime tile. The room’s center shone with the speckled silver like a great moon. Allyson looked up at the cobwebbed chandelier over their heads. “What do you think?” she said. “Will this do?”

Tootie laughed. From their vantage, the mezzanine was stacked to the ceiling with cardboard boxes and newspapers. “It’s a lot of work.” She looked to Aimee. “What do you think?”

Hours before they revealed the Italian tile or discussed whether this was the place, Aimee had hung a sign, The Hotel Gloria from the old carriage entrance to the hotel. Aimee rubbed her fingers across the slick tile. From the first time she’d spotted the ramshackle hotel from Highway 16, she knew. This was their Hotel Gloria. This was what they’d been seeking.

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