Friday, September 7, 2007

Local art

September 7, 2007

On Crafting:

Spread the word about the 17th Street marketplace being a haven of crafty talent as well as providing great fresh produce and baked goods. The Byrd House Market in Oregon Hill is a great enterprise, showcasing artisans the fourth Tuesday of each month. Here are some pics of my booth at both places. Hopefully as the weather cools off, foot traffic will pick up. This year I'm buying all my holiday presents from local crafters--not Walmart. (Not that I ever bought gifts at Walmart, mind you, but it's great knowing that what you're purchasing was made by a person who put her heart into the work, whether it's a wooden bowl, a pair of earrings, a piece of pottery or a Kitschy cowgirl. :-)

Check out my website for more info. on Kitschy Cowgirls and the Mothers from The Crown of Motherhood series and other fun collages, including my fiction series:

When THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS is FINALLY picked up by a publisher, I will let you know. No worries there. The whole world will be blogged.

And lastly, my latest book, my third one, is currently being published visually on wood, block by block, as I write it.

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